Dental Congress - 2019

Cientific Group Pte Ltd, is providing unique opportunity to share enhancing ideas in it’s very first “Annual World Dental and Oral Health Congress” which is going to be held in Singapore during July 22-23,2019. Dental Congress-2019 has been designed based on the heart of all dental fields, encouraging dentists and experts to interact and exchange Knowledge expertise. Dental Congress -2019 gives a worldwide stage for refreshing the most recent advancements in dentistry and their Practices. It also furnishes an opportunity to visit the presentations delivered by Eminent Scientists throughout the world.

Our conference theme "Bridging innovation in Dental and Oral Care: A vision for experimentation, has the goal to gather researchers across the dentistry and health care community to foster a broad approach for addressing overlapping research challenges happening in the health care industry.

We genuinely hope that DC-2019 will serve as an international platform for all the meeting researchers, widening professional contacts and build them new opportunities.

Aim and Objectives of Dental congress, Singapore

1. To talk about fundamental goals in revelations and improvements of Dentistry.

2. Highlight clinical target and significant open doors for progressing dental innovation.

3. To draw in and instruct Dental Professional, researchers, Professors, postdoctoral learners and understudies from the business stage to nearby University structure everywhere throughout the world.

4. To submit joint venture proposition.

5. Discuss other two-sided look into projects between Asian Countries, Europe, USA and rest of the world.

6. This meeting will go about as a decent stage to discover accomplices for worldwide research joint efforts.

Close to 1,200 delivery scientists, engineers, clinicians and technical professionals from 55 countries are expected to attend for a two-day meeting featuring:

5+ Keynotes

25+ Scientific Sessions

8+ Mini Symposia

5+ Focus Groups

3+ Workshops

30+ Exhibitors

100+ Abstracts ( Submit Abstract Here )

Advances in Dental Technology

Researchers at the Universities and companies of different countries have jointly developing many different dental technology in  oral health such as innovative patches.

Dental public health

Dental Public Health (DPH) is a non-clinical specialty of dentistry that averts oral disease and advancement of oral health.

Major Challenges in Dentistry

The biggest challenges boil down to what side you’re on. The dental profession is consistently experiencing changes, improvements, and new levels of innovation.


Global Market Research on Dental Applications

This session dedicated to different major Dental Applications and covers numerous topics such as, Synthetic Enamel,  Lasers,  Planmed , dental resin , Dental DeviceDental Biomaterials, Nanotechnology, Ozone therapysilane coupling agents.


Emerging Technologies on Nanodentistry

Emerging technologies & Nano Dentistry have the potential to mold dental practice by promoting dental diagnosticstherapeutics, and cosmetic dentistry into a new paradigm. 

Recent Advancements in Dental Treatment

Numerous technological advances have been recognized from the ancient days. Time takes to figure out what pieces to incorporate.

Biggest Trends in Laser Dentistry

Several different techniques in dental treatment that has confirm to be more adequate and less costly for the patient are utilized. Laser helps in initial revelation of cavities & reduction in consulting dentist.


Dental Industry Trends

The influential  trends in Dental Industry has given Dentistry an progressive growth. The promise of regenerative medicine is truly remarkable.

Orthodontics and Prosthodontics

 Orthodontics is an important field of modern research dealing with misalignments of teeth’s and jaws. Orthodontic treatment is fixed for candidate with Overbite, Crossbite, Misplaced midline, Crowding teeths. The benefits of orthodontic treatment include a healthier mouth, pleasing appearance.


Endodontics and Hypnodontics

Endodontics is recognized as a specialty by many national dental organizations .By limiting the practice to endodontics, it focus exclusively on treatments of the dental pulp.

Dental Implant Therapy

Evaluations of multicenter clinical trials are desired to resolve the effectiveness of care in routine implant therapy in clinical practice. 

Dental Imaging

Dental Imaging is an opportunity to increase patient safety by reducing radiation. The tremendous advancement in this field is not only time saving but also providing excellent and accurate results.

Dental Biomaterials

Biomaterials are lead to natural tissue restoration. They are basically used to supplant harmed or lost tooth substance, teeth and jawbone.

Venue Location

Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium,
317 Outram Rd, Singapore 169075

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Tourist Attractions

Gardens by the Bay
Botanic Gardens
Singapore Zoo
Singapore Flyer

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Speaker 1

k. byrappa


Speaker 1

ziyad s haidar


Speaker 1

henri diederich


Speaker 1

wan-yu tseng

assistant professor

Speaker 1

frank liebaug


Speaker 1

hai zhang

associate professor

Speaker 1

dimitrios tziafas






  • Unlimited Entrance
  • Access to All Sessions
  • A free paper abstract
  • Coffee Break
  • A free paper abstract
  • Lunch at the conference
  • Certificate of Presentation
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  • Unlimited Entrance
  • Access to All Sessions
  • A free paper abstract
  • Coffee Break
  • A free paper abstract
  • Lunch at the conference
  • Certificate of Presentation
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