Recent Advancements in Dental Treatment

  • Numerous technological advances have been recognized from the ancient days. Time takes to figure out what pieces to incorporate. It’s time for professionals to get a solid command of the tools in their arsenal, a time when they were becoming acquainted with their technologies. Major topics: High-Tech X-Rays, Thinner Veneers, Lasers for Tooth Cavity Detection, Superior Visualization, Advanced Dental Turbines, A Toothbrush With Bluetooth Technology, Mobile Dental Photography. Market report: Within the last 5 years, there has been a positive trend towards CAD (computer-aided design). The global dental services market was valued at around $340 billion in 2017, now accounting for more than 35% market share. Related Societies: World Health Organization, FDI World Dental Federation, American Dental Association (ADA), Canadian Dental Association, Oral Health Foundation, NHS, Florida Dental Association, Ohio Dental Association, Indian Dental Association (IDA). Australian Dental Association, British Dental Student Association, Colorado Dental Association.